Blender Text Effects Tutorials

Chalk Board Text Effect

An interesting Chalk Board Text effect that will take you back to school days

Fog on glass with Text

Beautiful Fog on a glass with Text in Blender!

Wavy Text Effect in Blender

Learn how to create Wavy text in Blender!

Abstract Text with Gradient Particles

Text Effect, with Gradient Particles in Blender!

Revealing Text by Chipping a Wooden Plank

Revealing Text Animation, by chipping a Wooden Plank.

Carve a text from a Wooden block!

Carve out a Text or a logo from a Wooden Plank!

Create a Text made of Spheres

Make your Text look, as if it is made of Spheres!

Create a Glowing Gradient Text

Create a Glowing, netty text with a Gradient material

Simple Glossy Text in Blender

Make your text shiny and glossy

Add Scratches to your text

Add scratches to any object in Blender using a Texture!

Elastic Stretching Text Animation

Convert your text to make it look like elastic!

Add Cracks to your Text!

Create a Crack material using procedural Textures!