Photo Editing Nodes

A collection of ready made node groups to make compositing fast in Blender

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Compositing is one of the important part of your render. It allows you to add that final detail to your render to make it look awesome! But Blender's Compositor can get scary most of the times. People don't use the compositor much, as adding one effect makes them add, lots of nodes. After doing it, if you want to change one value of one node, you start searching for that one node and after that searching for another, thereby losing your focus on your render. So to make Blender's Compositor easy and fun to use, I created:

Photo Editing Nodes

Photo Editing Nodes is a collection of nodes, which allow you to add Photo editing effects to your render without leaving Blender! All the nodes are highly customizable, so that you can get more options with less nodes. You can drag and drop these nodes, in your scene and in less that 4 nodes, you can get a completely composited render.