Fog Material addon

A python generated material to add realistic fog

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What is Fog material Add-on?

Fog material add-on comes with a ready made node group which you can directly use and control to add realistic fog. This saves you a lot of time when you are trying to create objects with water-droplets or condensation on glass. With the high customization options, you can easily control each and every effect of the material.

What does “Python Generated Material” mean?

As I explain this add-on, I mention “Python Generated” Material. This means that the Material Node Group was generated in Blender from code. Why? Well, this allows me to add in even more customization than you can expect from standard node groups. The material is well integrated into an add-on for Blender, which allows you to control the material from the properties panel itself. Rather than having a node group which sometimes does not have understandable inputs, this UI makes it easy for you to understand every value!

Works for any object

The Fog material was created so that it is compatible with every type of object in any kind of condition. You need to just tweak the lighting and colors, the materials is automatically done for you.

The Add-on Interface

The Fog material is integrated into an add-on which comes with an easy to use panel, which allows you to control the material in every aspect. This makes it much better than manually appending in node group and changing the values which aren’t even understandable.

Real Droplets

Material is not the only thing which is required for realistic fog and condensation. You need to have real droplets! The material comes with the droplets particle system which can be added just by clicking a button, and can be tweaked infinite many times!